It is not a requirement to own a classic car of your own to join a classic car club. Let us get that out of the way. In Britain, it is safe to say that there are more than 100 classic car clubs active.

These clubs are not active to show off their collection but to get people engaged and involved in different organizations and programs that tackle everything related to automotive.

Here in Britain, there is surely a classic car club near you. But, if you are looking to join the top clubs, then here is a list of them.

The Traditional Car Club of Doncaster

Since 1967, this club has been open to so many people passionate about classic cars. This club is built upon classic cars and respect. The Club of Doncaster founded back in 1967 serves as a home for so many people wherein they can converse and interact with each other about their love for classic cars.

Top 2 Classic Car Clubs here in Britain car show - Top 2 Classic Car Clubs here in Britain

The exchange of ideas and knowledge in this club is truly amazing. You are sure to learn something new every time you go to their weekly meetings at the Burghwallis Pub located at Burghwallis near Doncaster.

“You don’t have to own a classic car to come and join in the fun or be an expert mechanic either; a healthy interest in or appreciation of classic cars is more than enough.”

The Boston Classic Car Club

This club has more than 250 members and continues to grow every year. The club is now looking for younger people to join in and to develop the same passion the members have for timeless automotive classics.

You will not believe the collections this club has. Every year, they host a classic car show attended by thousands of people.

Their meeting place is at Graves Park Social Club in Kirton. This club is also active in helping different charities with all members chipping in.

There are dozens of more clubs for you to consider. However, these two are our top picks if you want to expand your knowledge in classic cars and at the same time, help people.