There are hundreds of classic cars out there, hundreds. However, there are only a few of them considered to be the greatest automotive inventions of all time. We are talking about classic cars that are iconic and, in a way, historic.

These cars are not like any other classic cars with vintage looks and contemporary controls.

These cars are known to be the elites and are in the top echelon of classic cars. If you own any of these cars, then you are a true classic car enthusiast.

Porsche 911

One of the greatest two-door high-performance cars with a rear engine. The 911 was a big step up compared to the renowned 356. The first-ever model of the 911 had a 2.0 engine, 130 bhp, rear-mounted, and some iconic features. It’s the successor, the Porsche Boxster was also a masterpiece.

The latest model of this car is on a whole new level. The modern model has a max power of 450hp and 6500rpm. But no one can deny that the 911 defined a generation of high-performing sports cars.

Production of the original 911 was ceased back in 1989 making it very hard to find one today.

Volkswagen Beetle

Some people wouldn’t even give this car a second glance once they see it. But, if you know your classic cars, then you’ll know that the Volkswagen Beetle is like the Beatles of classic cars. This car was one of the most successful cars of all time in terms of sales and performance.

Here’s an interesting fact for you. Did you know that the infamous Adolf Hitler was the one to commission this car back in the 1930s? The beetle was made and designed not for style nor performance but affordability and reliability.

Back then, people bought the car because it could seat 4 people making it a practical purchase.

Nowadays, the beetle is considered to be one of the most classic cars to be introduced. This car is truly one of a kind and it even resulted in several copycats. These days, many classic beetles are sold for more than £100,000.

Ferrari 250 GTO

The 250 GTO or to be exact, the V12 300 bhp Ferrari 250 GTO inspired a lot of classic cars throughout the years. There are only 36 of this car model with its homologation requirements across the globe. So, getting your hands on one is close to impossible.

The 250 GTO presented a new level in terms of aerodynamic efficiency which was mirrored by several manufacturers back then to today. This model has been sold for millionsrecently, and their value is only expected to go up.

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