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about classiccarlist - About Us

The Classic Car List started as a simple blog with a static template created by Harrison Farrell back in 2008. Back then, blogs were all the rage. Farrell was working as a traffic specialist and technician. He has a real passion when it comes to the automotive industry.

He was especially passionate about classic cars. He owns a 1969 Chevrolet El Camino, one of his proudest possessions. His love for classic cars motivated Farrell to dedicate a blog entirely to classic cars.

From Blog to Magazine

In 2012, the blog was active and was producing original content, one article after another. A local automotive firm in March 2012 contacted Farrell for a partnership and everything took off since then.

The blog became an online magazine with monthly issues funded by the firm. Classic Car List then had more than 45,000 online magazine subscribers in December 2012. The number of subscribers skyrocketed with more than 600,000 subscriptions in 2020.

Classic Car List is now one of the most subscribed online magazines here in the UK.

Farrell and the Team

Classic Car List is now made up of more than 90 professionals all passionate about the automotive industry with different expertise. We have 15 automotive experts and enthusiasts and the rest are creative professionals producing content for the monthly issues of Classic Car List.

By the end of 2020, Classic Car List will be released every week as we are planning to expand our team. We also have a lot of amazing plans and ideas in the coming months to keep everything as authentic and at the same time, as classic as they can.

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